Multi-Braided Wedding Band 14K White Gold Review

Multi-Braided Wedding Band 14K White Gold
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I purchased this ring for my husband to replace his wedding band that was of a similar braided style. The braid in his old ring had come unwound, and we were told by several jewelers that it could not be repaired due to the intricate braiding. I was reluctant to purchase another braided ring, afraid that it would suffer the same fate. Being an avid sailor, my husband was especially fond of the nautical look of the ring, so I relented and went in search for another braided ring. I was pleasantly surprised to find this ring on Amazon. When I received it, I was again pleasantly surprised. What the photo doesn't convey is that this ring is very substantial. It is heavy and very solidly constructed, yet the design is very intricate and delicate looking. I believe this ring will hold up to many years (and hopefully decades) of daily wear. We are both very pleased with the ring, and my husband finds it very comfortable to wear since the edges are smooth and rounded. It took him a while to get used to the size of this ring, as it is much wider than his old wedding band, but he now wears it proudly every day.

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14K Solid White Gold Multi-braided Design wedding band ring - high quality, mutli-braided white gold wedding band ring.8mm wide. Comfort fit.

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