18k White Gold 3/4 Carat Princess Cut Trellis Setting Solitaire Diamond Ring - (G-H;SI1-2) Review

18k White Gold 3/4 Carat Princess Cut Trellis Setting Solitaire Diamond Ring - (G-H;SI1-2)
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HORRIBLE DIAMONDS AND SERVICE!!!! I purchased a ¾ carat princess cut diamond engagement ring from Netaya in April. In the style I liked, SI1-SI2 was the highest clarity option given for the diamond, and I went ahead and purchased it. I got the ring about 3-4 weeks later. The diamond had a LARGE SCRATCH down one whole side of the diamond. It was very, very obvious and you could even feel the scratch by running your finger across it. I talked to the independent lab that certified the diamond, and they said the ring should have been rejected because of the large scratch on the surface of the diamond. So, I sent the ring back to Netaya to have the diamond replaced. About 3 weeks later, I received the ring back with a new diamond, which was smaller than the first and literally looked like a CRACKED UP PIECE OF GLASS. There were NUMEROUS internal cracks that you could see just from looking at the top of the diamond, which was NOT SPARKLY AT ALL. Again, I sent the diamond back, but this time, I asked for a full refund. Upon Netaya receiving the ring back, the owner of Netaya called me and tried to bargain with me, instead of giving me a refund. He wanted to give me a smaller diamond in a more yellow color (I instead of an H) for $500 less. What kind of bargain is that? None at all! I kept telling the owner that I just wanted a refund, and he just wouldn't stop trying to bargain. Finally, I just told him to give me my refund and I had to get off the phone. Netaya had received the ring back on Monday - June 8, and I just received a refund today, Thursday - June 11. I wound up paying $36 out of my pocket for return shipping, which they did not reimburse me for. Also, it's IMPOSSIBLE to get a hold of Netaya. No one ever answers the phone, and when you do talk to a customer service person, they don't know what to do, you get placed on hold, and they ask that they have their supervisor call you back. If you're looking to by an engagement ring, check out Blue Nile. You can custom build your ring and pick out the actual diamond you will receive. We paid Netaya $2,535 for the VERY DISAPPOINTING diamond ring (3/4 carat, SI1-SI2 clarity, G-H color, good cut, white gold ring) and a couple months of frustration. Upon receiving a refund, we purchased a great diamond ring in the same style from Blue Nile (3/4 carat, VVS2 clarity, H color, very good cut, platinum ring) for $2,682. Overall, DO NOT BY DIAMONDS FROM NETAYA. Personally, I would never by anything from them ever again.

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The diamond solitaire ring is a timeless classic and the quintessential reflection of everlasting love. This beautiful engagement ring features a fiery 3/4 carat princess cut diamond in a sophisticated platinum Trellis setting with a high polished 18k white gold band. Diamond Certification, issued by an independent laboratory, and elegant wood gift box are included. Netaya Style# 4DW26356LPG75/00

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