Sterling Silver 1 ct. Cubic Zirconia Engagement Set Review

Sterling Silver 1 ct. Cubic Zirconia Engagement Set
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This is a very unusual vendor, in that they produce and supply believably-sized wedding sets and engagement rings! Not everyone wants multi-carat enormous, gaudy rocks on their hand, or could afford such, and this fits the bill perfectly. It's beautiful, stylish, sparkly without being a "headlight", well done for sterling silver and CZs, and nobody I know, and who knows me well, would ever think to question if this was real or not. Of course it's real - it's real silver and CZs! (But they don't have to know it.) The sizes of the stones look exactly like something that someone who doesn't have unlimited resources would be able to actually wear if it were white gold and diamonds. I don't see the point of spending all that money for gold and diamonds, when this is a perfect replica. It's eye-catching without being gaudy and grotesque, and puts a beautiful sparkle on the hand. I can't take my eyes off of it, and I don't wear junk. Everyone who knows me knows that, and this is not junk. Worth every penny - and I will be back for more!
The only drawback I can think of is that the descriptions of their items are not informative enough regarding the actual sizes of the CZs involved in the setting. It would be very helpful to know the sizes of at least the major stones in the jewelry, not just the total carat weigh
UPDATE - as of January 3rd, I have returned this item to get a different size set. I emailed them 3 times regarding my return after I KNEW they had it, and got no response. I had to call them myself to get any information at all. After a big "merry-go-round" of getting vague information about my return, and getting sent to call Amazon itself, I was informed that I would have to get a refund and re-order the one I wanted. It took a long time for my refund to appear on my card (after transactions posted to TWO different cards) and I had emailed them to ask them where my refund was, and as of this date, I STILL haven't gotten a reply from them. NO email I have sent to them regarding any part of this transaction has ever been answered - definitely NOT impressed with the lack of customer service. No changes to my evaluation of the merchandise itself - just the transaction so far is sadly lacking, and reflects badly on the whole experience.

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This engagement set is a very differently designed cubic zirconia jewelry embedded in sterling silver. Genuinely made for the lady of the night.

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