New 10mm Titanium Ring w/ Comfort Fit Band 100's of Sizes & Styles Available Review

New 10mm Titanium Ring w/ Comfort Fit Band 100's of Sizes and Styles Available
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Wow. $16.79 to buy this and have this delivered to my door!
The ring is high-quality, and the fit is exact.
My concern is that the picture showed a ring with chamfered outer edges and my ring came with straight edges.
I published a couple of pictures of this.
This is less of a concern if the fit is correctly snug. If the ring is at all loose, it can rock from side to side and the edges can push into the surrounding fingers.
It is not clear, from the item title, if there is variation in the style of the ring you may actually get. Perhaps only the 10mm dimension is guaranteed. I have contacted the seller and will update my review when I hear back from them.
The ring is feather light, and should last until I tire of it.
Titanium is super-strong, but the mirror-finish will not last - it will age with contact with other metal surfaces, sand, etc.
This might just be a great value if you happen to be looking for a band to wear.
Sending the ring pictured with the chamfered outer edges could easily have earned 5 stars.
Update 2010Jan18 -
I was able to communicate with RJC Customer service, and exchange the ring sent for the correct ring at my shipping expense.
The process worked as I expected except that each time I communicated with customer service they promised they would be proactive in communications, such as notifying me when they had received my return, notifying me when the correct ring was sent out, etc. They handled my return reasonably promptly, but in all cases I had to keep on top of communications. I would rather the seller not promise to contact me, rather than make the promise and not follow through.
The second ring sent is the ring pictured in the item description, and it is very comfortable. It seems to be of slightly lower overall quality - the first ring was absolutely perfect in every regard and had a lovely etched "TITANIUM" on the inside.
The ring I have now has "TITANIUM" engraved on the inside and the general standard of manufacture of the ring is not quite so high. This makes a bit more sense to me since I believe I found the listing for the ring they sent me the first time and it is a $35 ring. (versus ~9 dollars).
Still, a very good deal in a practical, extremely comfortable, PLAIN band. If they had sent the correct band the first time and the quality of the second ring sent had been as high as the first ring sent, this could easily have been a 5.5 star transaction. If you run into problems with RJC customer service, you can always call. (801.446.8312 ask for Jamie).

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