Gemstone CZ Rings - Two Heart Aquamarine CZ Ring Review

Gemstone CZ Rings - Two Heart Aquamarine CZ Ring
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i bought this product because its picture looks amazing, but pictures no longer tell 1000 words. i'm giving this product a 3 star because the two "aquamarine" gemstones don't look like gemstones at all. in the picture, they look dazzling and transparent, but in reality, they look like plastic piece out of a lego set. the surrounding diamond simulants (CZ) look just as good at the picture, but that only makes the aquamarine stones look even duller in contrast.
having said that, was $28.48 worth it (22.49 + shipping = 28.48)? i will have to say yes, i am still happy with the product because the design is simply too good. even with the poor looking gemstones, this ring looks beautiful simply due to the great design. treat it as a casual gift though, because you definitely get what you paid for. on another note, i don't know where they get the $58.99 list price from because this ring most certainly is not worth anything more than $25.
About the seller-
the seller was great. i was looking for a size 5 ring and couldn't find it anywhere. so i shot them an email and they responded that they can get it from a factory (note the jump in ring sizes-5, 8, 9, 10). the ring comes with a paper box (a simple one you would expect with this price) but no paper explaining the actual quality of this ring.
im happy with the purchase, but not as happy as i could have been. if i could give my rating on .5 increments, this would be a 3.5/5.

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