Bone Arrowhead Black Leather Necklace... Review

Bone Arrowhead Black Leather Necklace...
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I searched and searched to try and find the perfect thank you gift for my ring bearer (my nephew) in my recent wedding. There are little to no suggestions on the internet for gift ideas and it was really hard to figure something out. He loves Native American things and loves arrowheads, so after a lot of research I decided to buy him this particular arrowhead necklace. Though it is not made from stone, as typical arrowheads are, I thought the idea of carved bone would be really neat. I am so happy that I bought this one! The necklace arrived within 3 days of me placing the order (super fast shipping!) it was packaged great to avoid damage and when I opened the wrapping I was very pleased...the necklace was gorgeous! The bone arrowhead pendant was very evenly dyed and had a neat light feel to it, so though it is rather large it was not heavy, when being worn you would hardly know it was there. I wrapped it up and shortly thereafter gave it to my nephew on my wedding day. HE LOVED IT! I never seem to be able to get him presents that he likes (he's 10) and so I was worried I would fail again :( But, he loved it so much that he put in on immediately! Now, obviously I hadn't planned for him to be wearing a large arrowhead necklace while dressed in a formal tuxedo walking down the aisle with our wedding rings in hand (wasn't really the look I was going for LOL ;) but he was so happy about it that I didn't even mind :) It was actually really cute! The only down side to the gift was that he wanted to take it to school to show his friends and he couldn't because of its size and sharp point...they consider just about anything a weapon now days...even a G.I.Joe mini plastic gun! I would highly recommend this item to anyone!

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Hand Carved Aged Bone Arrowhead Pendant Black Leather Necklace... Beautifully detailed, hand carved, aged, real bone arrowhead, (arrowhead measures 2 1/8" by 1"), two metal silver-plated trade beads to compliment pendant. It comes with black thong leather necklace, (thong is super strong leather, ideal for necklaces), wear this either as a choker or full length, simple sliding knot adjustment, adjusts from 24" length down to 16", one size fits all, easy-on/easy-off/easy to adjust, great necklace to wear. Comes ready to wear. 100% black thong leather. Gallery quality artifact reproductions and leather works, since 1987.

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