14K Yellow Gold Solid Flexible Herringbone - 24 inches Review

14K Yellow Gold Solid Flexible Herringbone - 24 inches
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I would be wary of this seller--divadiamonds. I had a problem with the product delivery due to not being able to sign for the package. I tried to arrange another delivery date and FedEx wanted to charge an additional delivery charge. As a result, I refused the necklace and returned the package to the seller. I never received the package.
I left feedback warning future buyers that you have to sign for the package, and if you are not able to at FedEx's convenience, they charge an additional delivery charge. I never saw anything on the order page stating that I would have to sign for the package and also put this in my feedback.
The sellar evidently didn't like my feedback and called me. I told him I only had a minute because I was driving my husband to the hospital for surgery. That didn't faze him a bit and he just kept going on and on the delivery problem wasn't his fault--my feedback wasn't fair--and without coming right out and saying it, it was obvious that he wanted me to change my feedback. He wanted to send the necklace back to me, I said no. He said he was really concerned about my feedback. I told him, "The only thing I'm concerned about right now is my husband's surgery."
He said, and I quote, "Oh, I didn't know it was that serious."
It was surgery. He's wasn't having a facial.
I probably would have worked something out with him/divadiamonds if he had not been so obnoxious on the phone. But I told him I wanted a refund. He said he could not refund my money until he received the necklace. I told him he should have it in the next few days. The phone call took place on a Monday, and the necklace was returned to the store on Thursday of the same week. Thank God for tracking numbers!
I waited, and waited and waited for my refund, which never came. After 21 days, I emailed him/divadiamonds. No response.
I finally had to contact Amazon.com to get my refund for me.
I think this was retribution for my negative feedback.
Buyer beware of divadiamonds!

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This 14k yellow gold necklace makes a great addition to any jewelry collection and can be worn on many occasions.The total metal weight of this necklace is 5.26 grams.This necklace is part of our chains collection of jewelry.This necklace has a length of 24 inches.This necklace ships with a complimentary jewelry box, certificate of authenticity, and a jewelry polishing cloth.If this necklace is not available, we will contact you within 2 business days with other options.This is DivaDiamonds.net item number CH44:50293.

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