Black Plate 7mm Stainless Steel Band Review

Black Plate 7mm Stainless Steel Band
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An email I just sent:
Dear sir; madam;
I would never, ever buy an item from your store again, and I would warn others from doing so. In good faith I spent nearly $70 on an anniversary present, and I can ill-afford the expense right now. Despite misengraving my ring "MALL" instead of "MATT," you had me return the items at the expense of my time, only to return them without making good for your error, thus robbing me of the two weeks I might have used to order rings from another, professional company.
"MALL?" Really? This is all I have for my anniversary, just days away. I cannot afford anything more. There are tears in my eyes as I type. Your promise to ensure satisfaction is a sham; your treatment of this matter and of me is shameful. Shame on you.
Your most dissatisfied customer,
Laura Johnson

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Looking for a stainless steel ring that's a little out of the ordinary? You'll love this black plate stainless steel band! Made of durable stainless steel and measuring a 1/4 inch wide, this lovely black steel ring is one of our favorites.

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