Sterling Silver Purity Ring (Sizes 5-9) Review

Sterling Silver Purity Ring (Sizes 5-9)
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My daughter wanted a purity ring for christmas so I thot this would be perfect. When I opened it I knew instantly it did not look like the picture I saw online, but I gave it to her and wanted her opinion before returning it. Now after 2 wks she has given it back to me and it looks even worse. The word "purity" has rubbed off the ring and it looks old and dingy. Yes I only paid approx. $15.00 for it but it looks like something you get out of the 25cent machine. I called the company and have to ship it back so we will see how well the return policy goes. I just want what I thought I ordered and what I already paid for.

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4mm wide band. This ring is available in whole sizes 5-9 .925 Sterling Silver

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