Classic 2-piece Wedding Set with Aquamarine CZ & pavé Review

Classic 2-piece Wedding Set with Aquamarine CZ and pavé
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This set was far more bling in person that in the photo. It is definitely highly polished! I was most concerned about the obvious size of the prongs and, though they are prominent, they aren't as distracting as the immense amount of glitz that these rings put off.
The shine makes them noticeable and they look very "fashion" and less "classic". Being that I was hoping for something that was more of a temporary bridal set, this did not fit the bill.
Would be perfect for a costume as an heiress or some such and I'll likely hang onto for that.

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What a pair!... You can tell when two pieces are designed to be worn together, just as you can tell when two people belong together... It's a beautiful sight! The solitaire prong-set in the center of the ring is a round Brilliant Aquamarine Diamond CZ, measuring 7mm stone, which is equivalent to 1 1/4 carat). The shoulders are elegantly pavé on all three sides with White Diamond CZs. The front half of the matching band is 5.5mm wide and is also pavé on all three sides. Beyond the stones, the shank of each piece is high polished and tapers down to 2.5mm at the back.Heavily layered in a high polish Rhodium electroplate over Brass, for the look of White Gold; will not tarnish or discolor. (Rhodium is one of the metals belonging to the Platinum group).Our stones are expertly hand cut and hand set, and carefully selected for color uniformity. The superb workmanship truly gives our pieces the actual look of Fine Jewelry.

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