0.60 Ct Blue Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring 14k White Gold Review

0.60 Ct Blue Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring 14k White Gold
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I purchased this ring in November of 2009 to be our engagement ring - to ask my girlfriend to marry me. I knew she wanted a blue diamond of some type in the next jewelry that I purchased her, but she did not expect the next piece to be this ring.
Quick background...I actually had ordered a princess cut .48 ct ring. I received this one at work - for surprise it was shipped there. I opened the package and then the case - it was stunning. I honestly couldn't believe it. The blue of the stone is an actual blue - not the greenish blue of some that I had seen. By the time I had noticed that I had a round brilliant cut instead of the princess, I was in love.
So, I call finediamonds9 that afternoon and get a nice gentleman on the phone. I start to explain who I was and what I had ordered when he cut in to assure me that he knew exactly who I was and then began to explain what had happened. Apparently, they had just run out of stock of the other ring. Knowing that I had actually called in to pay the extra for expedited shipping, they decided to send me an upgraded ring to at least give me a chance to see what I thought. The sent me a ring that cost $150 + more just so that I could make my date. He explained that if I did not like it that I could send it back. We all know that I could not.
The ring is gorgeous. The band is reassuringly thicker than some solitaires that I had been looking at. Also, the setting has kind of a stone protector around it to keep the diamond from being caught from the side and possibly damaged. The color of the stone really makes this ring. It is just beautiful. I would highly recommend purchasing this ring if you are looking for something different but yet still traditional in many ways. My girlfriend (well, it worked. She's actually my wife now) loves it. She absolutely did not expect it and could not believe that I found such an amazing looking blue diamond.
We paired this engagement ring with what turned out to be the perfect diamond wrap as the wedding band. It is a .25 ct total weight wrap with the perfect shape to frame the setting and stone size of this ring:
In closing, I would buy from finediamonds9 again for sure. In fact, the wife will be wearing new 1 ct. black diamond earrings from them come Christmas Day.

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This is a beautiful Blue round diamond engagement/fashion ring. The ring has 0.60 ctw of diamonds. The diamonds areI1 in clarity and Blue (color enhanced) in color. The ring is made in 14k white gold and weighs 3.9 grams. All the diamonds have a lot of fire and brilliance.It will be a perfect gift for any occasion.

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