Stainless Steel 5/16 in. (8 mm) Ring w/ CTR Cut-Outs (Available in Sizes 7 to 14) Review

Stainless Steel 5/16 in. (8 mm) Ring w/ CTR Cut-Outs (Available in Sizes 7 to 14)
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This ring is very helpful when it comes to remembering what to order when I am at Arby's.
Update #1:
This ring is a marvelous work and wonder. The curious workmanship of this ring uses the same material that was used in the weapons of the ancient inhabitants of the Americas. The properties of this ring go beyond reminding me of the correct choice of fast food -- the ring seems to have a will of its own and constantly reminds me to choose the right.
I have also noticed that since wearing the ring I have not been stabbed, shot at or hurt in any other life threatining manner. This ring truly works in mysterious ways.
I know that this review is true.
Update #2:
OK, I've worn this ring for some time now. I am somewhat concerned that the ring is compelling me to do things that I would not have done before. For example I've recently accepted the calling to be the Ward Nursery leader. This is simply a calling I would have never taken. However when the bishop extended this calling to me, I was about to say no when an intense, warm feeling that originated from my finger and went straight to my bosom compelled me to say yes. It was as if some power descended on my agency and bound my tongue until I chose the right response.
Also, I never watch all sessions of General Conference. I was planning to sleep in Saturday morning when *BAM* a shock from my ring woke me up at 9:59 MST and continued to burn until I turned the TV to KSL. The ring didn't do anything to me as long as I continued to watch the session. It wouldn't even let me go to the bathroom during a hymn or a talk given by the Relief Society presidency. The ring compelled me to watch every session including the priesthood one.
I'm afraid that the ring might do something to me next Sunday if I don't volunteer (when they pass the sign up sheet around) to work on Sister Smith's roof.Update #3:
I finally overpowered the will of my CTR ring and took it off.
To my surprise the affects of wearing the ring flashed into my eyes! I had a band of white and delightsome skin on my ring finger that stood out like an ensign to the world!! Even without the ring I have a reminder (I call it "The Mark of CTR") to choose the right. However it isn't as strong of a reminder as it is when wearing the CTR ring. For example I've started to like the smell of coffee.
Update #4:
I decided that all of the above was my imagination and put the ring, my precious, back on.
Update #5:
I have been called to the Stake High Council.
Update #6:
I can't bear this anymore. The CTR ring has stripped me of my agency. It won't let me do anything it doesn't want me to without being burned or zapped. I have decided to travel to the heart of Provo, Utah and climb the mountain with the big "Y" on it. There I will destroy the ring... if I can...
Wish me luck.

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CTR stands for " Choose The Right". This Quality Stainless Steel Band is made of Low Nickel 316L Hypo Allergenic Surgical Steel, and is no different than the ones you pay for $60.00 to $200.00. It is a flat band that is about 5/16" (8mm) Wide. The center of the ring has a cut-out "CTR" and is Satin Brushed Finish to create a very nice look.Sizes 7 to 14 (including half sizes) are available.

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