Chisel Brushed Stainless Steel Ring (4.0 mm) - Sizes 6-13 Review

Chisel Brushed Stainless Steel Ring (4.0 mm) - Sizes 6-13
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When it came time to pick out a wedding ring for myself about six months ago, I purchased this one and several others (including ones made with different metals and some that were considerably more expensive than this one) and tried them all on to see which ones I liked the best. Even though I wasn't expecting this one to be my favorite, that ended up being the case! I think the brushed look is nice because you don't have to worry about it getting a little dirty or scratched up (which will happen, by the way, but isn't a big deal if it's brushed). Also, I liked this one because it's quite narrow/thin and has a relatively low profile, which suits my personality more (I'm not a big ring kind of guy). I don't know how well it'll hold up in the long run, but it's done fine for now and I'm still happy with it!
Sidenote: Oddly, when I ordered this ring in a size 8.5, I was given a size 8.0 ring. I didn't realize until after the wedding why the ring was so tight (aside from the fact that I have a relatively large knuckle-to-finger size ratio), and I decided to keep the ring and have it stretched to an 8.5 rather than exchange it since it had sentimental value at that point. All in all, it worked out!

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This Chisel Stainless Steel Ring comes complete with a Lifetime Warranty.The warranty applies should you ever need a new size only of the same style.A deductible of 30% of original purchase price plus shipping charges applies for refurbishing costs.Should the ring no longer be sold the warranty will apply to similarly priced styles.Stainless steel jewelry will show scratches and this is not considered a manufacturer's defect.

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