Three Tone Triple Roll Ring Review

Three Tone Triple Roll Ring
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I am pleased with the look of this ring. I have been looking for a tri-tone look. I ordered one size larger because of the interlocking rings, I thought it may be tighter. Sometimes my fingers swell so I can easily wear the ring on two fingers.

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As three different tones of color intertwine with each other in a smooth melding of color and style, this three tone Russian wedding rings is a pleasure to wear as well as enjoy. The unique design of the ring allows for all three rings to move independently but still fit around your finger in their special almost woven design. All rings are intertwined with each other so you'll never have to worry about losing a set. The with three colors and impeccable style and weighing a fine 4.2 grams, this Designer inspired three tone triple roll ring will be the easiest choice to make in choosing your jewelry that you've had all year. Shop with confidence knowing that the quality of our sterling silver rings and bands is backed by our 30 day jewelry return policy to assure complete satisfaction.

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