Sterling Silver Ring Canary Cushion Cubic Zirconia CZ Ring 2.56 Review

Sterling Silver Ring Canary Cushion Cubic Zirconia CZ Ring 2.56
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I wanted a canary yellow jaw dropping square/cushion/or emerald cut solitare. I found this one and ordered, hoping that one of my stones wouldn't fall off like the last reviewer's.
What I love about this ring follows. When it's darker in the room, the canary yellow really pops, making a sharp, expensive looking canary yellow color, otherwise, the color is a very pale yellow. I LOVE the halo with the CZs. I also really LOVE the band. It's a thinner pave band - not too thick, but definitely not a flimsy thin band. I LOVE how it looks like a high-end $20Grand ring. I gave it 1 star for general prettiness; 2 starts for the canary's yellowing hue; 3 stars for overall opinion of band, face, halo, and diamond pave & canary glittering; 4 stars for overall believability.
What I don't love about this ring now follows. I don't like the gallery that holds up the head. In my opinion, expensive diamond rings always have a small, thin, non-imposing gallery, with pave or delicate/intricate design. This one has a huge gallery with the generic triangles (see my pictures). It's not the seller's fault; it's how it was manufactured. I didn't give this item 5 stars, because I'm not liking the gallery.
I have been debating whether I want to keep it or send it back. I almost decided to send it back because I really don't like rings with that kind of gallery, but after wearing it and taking pictures, and looking at it (LOL), I have decided that for the price, it really does look like I spend thousands on it (IF I was rich and IF no one notices the gallery). Also, the canary diamond looks believable, and I only dislike one detail, a detail that is relatively unnoticeable (it's on the underside/side of the head). Also, the cushion cut canary is a believable size, for those of us who could never afford an... ahem ..."HUGE (albeit fake) diamond." ;) The halo makes it look even bigger from afar, but up close, totally passable for a real canary diamond.
PICTURES NOTE: I posted 6 (hopefully) helpful pictures: a close-up during the day's light; a close-up during the night's light; one showing the height of the ring on my finger; a picture showing the side; a pictures showing the gallery; and a close-up picture of the top. All I can say is that the stock photo the vendor provided definitely looks like my ring in person, except that my ring has that real life gleam, shiny, glitter diamond look that their stock photo does not convey. Also, IMO the stock picture shows the sharp yellow color that appears in my ring when in dark light. I hope my review helps!

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Bold and stylish wedding engagement ring set in sterling silver, stamped with a quality mark "925". Plated with rhodium to reduce tarnish. Center cushion-cut canary color prong-set cubic zirconia stone weighs 2 carat (8mm). Side stones weigh 0.56 carat in total. Band measures 2mm to 2.5mm wide. Style number #r254-3-5.

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