Sterling Silver Amethyst & Diamond Accent Square Ring Review

Sterling Silver Amethyst and Diamond Accent Square Ring
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I ordered this ring as a cheap stocking stuffer for my sister. Since I only paid roughly $25 for this ring, I wasn't expecting to receive the most beautiful piece of jewelry I've ever seen. Even with low expectations I was extremely disappointed. The square amethyst stone in the ring I received was clear, with only the slightest hint of purple if examined in direct sunlight. The one diamond included in the trim was rough and not even cut. My husband also ordered the same ring in peridot as a Christmas gift for me, and it was the exact same quality as this amethyst ring. The "peridot" stone was clear and the diamond was rough and uncut and you had to really squint to see it. We could've gotten a better looking ring at the dollar store.
On the positive side, it was fairly easy to return. Unfortunately, I am being refunded my money in an Amazon giftcard rather than to my credit card. That seems a bit strange since this isn't even an Amazon product. They are also refunding the cost of shipping the ring to me when I ordered it, but I had to eat the return shipping fee.
Apparently this company misrepresents their products, and I will never order from them again. I do not recommend this product or this company.

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This delicate ring features a sparkling faceted amethyst stone prong set surrounded by a silver pave border.There is one genuine diamond nestled within the dotted pattern.The dainty ring is crafted of tarnish resistant sterling silver.Amethyst stone size is 7x7mm.Total gem weight: 1.65ct. Total diamond weight: .01ct.

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