Love Now and Forever Stainless Steel Poesy Ring Review

Love Now and Forever Stainless Steel Poesy Ring
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My boyfriend bought this ring for me about a year ago, and I absolutely loved the design and the sentiment behind the inscription. Unfortunately, this ring has failed to withstand the test of time. First of all, it is unusually thick for a ring, and as a result I was unable to wear it on my ring finger comfortably. Furthermore, after wearing the ring several times, the black ink that filled in the inscribed letters had completely rubbed off! While the inscription is still legible, it is not quite as attractive as it initially was, and in addition the outside surface has quickly become scratched. I still love the idea behind the ring and will occasionally wear it, but it definitely did not live up to my expectations.

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Given as engagement rings or tokens of friendship, poesy rings are used to express feelings that words alone cannot.This poesy ring is engraved on both the outside and the inside of the band.The phrase inscribed on the outside of the stainless steel band is written in Gaelic, and reads "gra anois agus go deo".In English this translates to "love now and forever".The English translation is inscribed on the inside of the band.This beautiful phrase carries a powerful meaning.This poesy ring is the perfect way to express the love you share with your soulmate.

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